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Rent a Home with an Option to Purchase 

Over 500 possible homes available to Lease with an Option to Purchase in the Denver and surrounding area.  Even if it is not the right time to buy, you should not have to settle.  The dream of owning a home can be a reality with a Lease Purchase Program


Not ready to buy a home, but don’t want to settle for just any rental?

A Lease with an Option to Purchase may be a good fit for you.


You can choose from several homes that are currently listed for sale. Since these homes are for sale, they may be in better condition than your average rental. They may also be in an area that may not have available rentals.


Once you choose a home, I will work with a national company (Home Partners of America) to purchase the home. Once purchased, HPA will lease the property to you. You will sign a one year lease. At the end of your lease, you may: a) renew the lease, b) walk away and get your deposit back, c) purchase the home. You may also purchase the home at any time during your lease over the next 5 yrs.


If you would like to learn more, Let’s get in touch.

Colorado Rent to Own Homes
Find a Home, Instead of an Apartment

There are several homes currently listed for sale that you could lease and have the option to purchase.  So why settle for an apartment?


Enjoy your options! Rent a house you love; Have the option to purchase if you choose.


If you want a place to call home, but you’re not ready to purchase a house; Now you have choices! Now you can find the home of your dreams, and choose to lease or purchase at a later date!

Rent vs Purchase
One Year Commitment 
30 Year Commitment

You can get into the home of your dreams for just a one year commitment.  And you have the option to purchase the home for up to five years! Your only commitment is a one year lease and a two month deposit.


You can renew your lease year to year. You can purchase anytime you are leasing. If you leave after your lease, you can get your deposit back.


Oh, did I mention, most pets are allowed! Yes you can bring your best friend!

Colorado Home Rentals to Purchase
Rent in the Area You Want to Live

Maybe you want to live closer to your work or to your family. But maybe there are no rentals in that area.

Maybe you want a home in nice condition, but many landlords don't care.

Instead of looking for rental property, you can look at many of the homes currently on the market for sale. There are a lot more homes to choose from! And many are in better condition!

Not only do you have more homes to choose from, you will have the option to purchase the home.

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